200 tickets in 24 hours

Yesterday I opened tickets sales at noon. If you were on the email list you got word of it first. The early bird tickets sold out in less than an hour and as of noon today the last ticket was snagged.

We’ve still got space for more attendee’s but if you we’re not able to get one of the first 200 tickets I can’t guarantee a WordCamp shirt.

Keep your eyes peeled for more tickets to be released next week.

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6 Responses to 200 tickets in 24 hours

  1. I would love to get one of those extra slots. I don’t need a t-shirt. In fact I don’t even need a seat I’m happy to sit on the floor for the sessions 🙂

  2. John Vincenti says:

    You’re going to need a bigger boat.

  3. Rich Babiarz says:

    I’d like to attend the L.A. Wordcamp. I just heard about it for the first time. I don’t need a shirt….just a space for me somewhere. How much are tickets if any more are available? I’d just be coming up from San Diego. Thanks.

    Rich Babiarz

  4. Norman Pamintuan says:

    I’m interested on the extra slots too. Ticket price? Don’t need a shirt as well. Thanks.

    • Rich Babiarz says:

      I’m confused. Can I still get a ticket? How much is a ticket? Can someone answer those questions exactly? I appreciate it.

  5. rich babiarz says:

    I’m so cool that I’m not going to answer you is the response, I guess. Guarantee I’ll learn more on my own. Screw wordcamp LA…haha.