First Ten Speakers Announced

I know it’s been dark on the site, but we’re now 1 month and 12 days or 44 days till September 15th.

So first I’d like to announce the first 10 selected speakers in no particular order.

  1. Michael Bastos
  2. Joe Boydston
  3. Kimanzi Constable
  4. Greg Douglas
  5. Jake Goldman
  6. Jared Latigo
  7. Ben Metcalfe
  8. Tony Perez
  9. Belsien Thomas
  10. Jeff Zinn

I’ve still got a few more submissions to go through, and we can still use a few more submissions!

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3 Responses to First Ten Speakers Announced

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  2. I can’t get through the link to the “buy tickets” site. Plus…the type on this site is so tiny I can’t even begin to read it. I got through to the links to read the bios – but – I still couldn’t get through to the link to buy tickets.