Customizing WordPress Themes

Customizing WordPress Themes: Fun And Easy Ways to Beautify Your WordPress Themes (Beginner to Intermediate)

My presentation will take the WordPress designer from planning out the look of their website in Photoshop through simple tips in implementing CSS and .PHP in their WordPress site, so easy a beginner will be able to grasp the concepts. And if there is time as a bonus I will show them how they can use the same simple CSS to customize the look of a plugin.

Areas My Talk Will Cover:
* UX (User Experience) Design
* Theme Development/Customizing
* Plugin Customizing

Basic Structure of My Talk:
* Begin With the End In Mind (Start by Selecting Your Theme)
* Simple Tips for Designing Your UI in Photoshop and Organize It for Ease of Design
* Writing Custom CSS to Enhance Visual Appeal
* Adding Simple .PHP to Customize A Template Page
* A Few Easy Ways to Customize Plugins