eCommerce & WordPress – What’s the right solution for you?

This session is meant to help WordPress users uncover what really goes into building and running an eCommerce website and what are some popular present day solutions available to the WordPress community.

There is no “one size fits all” solution for eCommerce, so in the session I will go over various eCommerce requirements and considerations to look at when choosing the right solution. Topics and considerations that I will discuss include Security & PCI Compliance, Hosting, Merchant Accounts, Payment Gateway Options, and eCommerce Plugins & Themes.

Having built fully custom coded eCommerce solutions to building on Open Source platforms like Magento & WordPress, I will discuss how each solution compares and what are the real world strengths and weakness of each option.

Next, I will breakdown the 2 main approaches to eCommerce in WordPress, Plugin or Theme, and go into Pro’s and Cons of each approach. I will list, categorize, and distill down the many eCommerce solutions available in the present day so that users can choose what is the right solution for them.

Lastly, I will provide guidance on how to integrate other WordPress tools and plugins to handle Subscriptions and Complex order entry screens. My closing thoughts will discuss what the future could hold for eCommerce & WordPress.