WordPress Webapps

A new Web 3.0 approach to using WordPress is with a fully dynamic, webapp running off AJAX. With one of Taylor’s WordPress-based technology blogs he runs,, he has a ton of insight on how powerful the WordPress API really is at its heart. WordPress can become a webapp fairly quickly, with all content being cached and delivered from a CDN, in an intelligent way to handle dynamic content.

Today’s Social Media Integration Evolution

As the DNA of social media continues to incrementally mutate, so do methods of integration with web properties. What are today’s most used, most effective, and highest quality WordPress plugins and offsite activity trackers for social media? What are tomorrow’s mutations – and will they do the job they’ve been bred to do?

When the best social media integration utilities must by nature enhance engagement, assess engagement, and optimize conversion, envelope-pushing development can’t rely simply on random customizations and survival of the fittest.

But just like how that fateful primate’s incremental mutation enabled it to bond into communities, develop language, then farming, cities and now thankfully the IMAX projector, the WordPress community enables developers and administrative users to tap powerful iterations that piggyback on group-sourced and group-validated digital parcels.

Sometimes being revolutionary entails only that one additional step forward beyond iterative evolution.

Hope, Freedom, and Custom Post Types

WordPress saves lives. Discover how the freedom and flexibility built into WordPress empowers relief teams working in war zones in Southeast Asia. We’ll explore the challenges faced and strategies used to create an application that tracks medical care and human rights abuses in the jungles of Burma. The power behind Custom Post Types and the Pods Framework enables doctors and relief workers to make critical data-driven decisions when treating 15,000 patients each year.

Adding jQuery magic to your theme

jQuery and JavaScript can be used for everything in your theme from creating a fancy dropdown menu system to turning your WordPress site into a single page application. In this session, I’ll show you jQuery plugins and techniques to add a little something extra to your next theme.

The WordPress Theme Review Process

This will be an overview of the Theme repository, how the WordPress Theme Review Team works and how to prepare for submitting your Theme to the repository. We will also discuss where to find the most current guidelines and regulations (there is more than one place 😉 ) and which tools can help you in your development process. I will close with what Reviewers look for, when reviewing a Theme, how to deal with their findings, and most important how you can become a reviewer yourself (and why you should).

Remote Management & Collaboration

Not all development is local. Sometimes you need to manage remote developers to get that plugin developed. We’ll look at several tricks and tips for managing remote development, while also looking at some tools that help bring everyone closer together.

What’s In A Theme?

A breakdown of the WordPress Theme, including basic theme structure, what to look for in a theme, and an overview of the vast theme landscape, from free to premium to custom.

Responsive Widget Design

Everything is going Responsive. Every day more and more themes come out that are created with Responsive Web Design techniques. One area that doesn’t seem to be responding as quickly are Widgets. As we all know widgets are a very powerful addition to every WordPress website. We run into problems when the Widgets that we add to our sites aren’t responsive. They can overlap, expand, decrease and disapear. Learn how to make your Widgets responsive for any layout.

Optimizing WordPress

This talk will encompass ways to optimize your website to make it fast, and then how to make that speed scalable. It starts at the beginner level with basic ways to get the most from WordPress, and will go all the way to the uber-technical level and include specific example of tweaking servers and caching to scale millions of visitors to a site and not suffer slow loading times. Compiled from the experience of Ben Metcalfe, WordPress innovator, the talk will give perspective of WordPress since its inception.

WordPress is saving Journalism

Learn how community newspapers in California are replacing their proprietary publishing systems with WordPress. Learn lots of outside the box uses for WordPress from someone who learned the hard way. We’ll take a deeper dive into topics depending on audience interest. Talking points and demos include:

  • Plugin demos
  • Theme building
  • Child themes for mobile optimized sites
  • Scaling WordPress
  • Advertising sales models
  • Subscription based sites
  • and more…

eCommerce & WordPress – What’s the right solution for you?

This session is meant to help WordPress users uncover what really goes into building and running an eCommerce website and what are some popular present day solutions available to the WordPress community.

There is no “one size fits all” solution for eCommerce, so in the session I will go over various eCommerce requirements and considerations to look at when choosing the right solution. Topics and considerations that I will discuss include Security & PCI Compliance, Hosting, Merchant Accounts, Payment Gateway Options, and eCommerce Plugins & Themes.

Having built fully custom coded eCommerce solutions to building on Open Source platforms like Magento & WordPress, I will discuss how each solution compares and what are the real world strengths and weakness of each option.

Next, I will breakdown the 2 main approaches to eCommerce in WordPress, Plugin or Theme, and go into Pro’s and Cons of each approach. I will list, categorize, and distill down the many eCommerce solutions available in the present day so that users can choose what is the right solution for them.

Lastly, I will provide guidance on how to integrate other WordPress tools and plugins to handle Subscriptions and Complex order entry screens. My closing thoughts will discuss what the future could hold for eCommerce & WordPress.

Customizing WordPress Themes

Customizing WordPress Themes: Fun And Easy Ways to Beautify Your WordPress Themes (Beginner to Intermediate)

My presentation will take the WordPress designer from planning out the look of their website in Photoshop through simple tips in implementing CSS and .PHP in their WordPress site, so easy a beginner will be able to grasp the concepts. And if there is time as a bonus I will show them how they can use the same simple CSS to customize the look of a plugin.

Areas My Talk Will Cover:
* UX (User Experience) Design
* Theme Development/Customizing
* Plugin Customizing

Basic Structure of My Talk:
* Begin With the End In Mind (Start by Selecting Your Theme)
* Simple Tips for Designing Your UI in Photoshop and Organize It for Ease of Design
* Writing Custom CSS to Enhance Visual Appeal
* Adding Simple .PHP to Customize A Template Page
* A Few Easy Ways to Customize Plugins

WordPress is just the Beginning

So you started a WordPress site and want the whole world to see and be a part of it, great! But why would people care about you or your site?

My session would teach people the best way to truly connect with people in a way that they would not only care but help spread the message of the site, that’s with the power of their or a story.

I would teach the power of their story, how to shape their story and how to use their story to build a thriving business or help a message be heard, how to get heard above the estimated 180 million blogs that are out there.

I would also talk about all the tools WordPress has to help amplify their story to build a successful platform.

Enterprise Class WordPress

Sure, we all get that WordPress is great blogging software, and makes a great website for Joe’s Corner Coffee Shop or Mike’s Hometown Consulting Services. And maybe you feel solid about your ability to build a WordPress site on a shared host or VPS. But what about the big guns? Is WordPress a $200,000 enterprise CMS for large businesses? Is it a million dollar CMS for a movie production? And if so, what does this mean for building, hosting, and managing such implementations? How do we even sell WordPress as such?

This debut talk is an honest exploration and dialog about what it means to sell, implement, and manage enterprise-class WordPress implementations. We’ll explore solutions, like VIP hosting, EditFlow workflow tools, and development techniques where reliability and scale is a must. We’ll also examine the places where WordPress struggles to compete with or falls short of its enterprise competition, and explore how we can solve some of these problems as a community.

Weaving JavaScript in and out of WordPress

I’d like to do a presentation on how JavaScript goes into a WordPress setup and how a programmer gets it back out. The presentation would cover the proper way to register and enqueue scripts. It would expand upon that idea then to show out to deregister scripts when necessary, how and why to use scripts from external sources, and what javascripts are already available within a standard WordPress set up. Next, it’d cover using wp_localize_script to prepare PHP data for JavaScript use. Finally, time permitting, I’d cover using admin-ajax.php to handle AJAX requests.

Command Line WordPress Step by Step

We all know and understand how to use WordPress, but there are some times when you just need to get behind the hood and or do something with your install that is process intensive and need to do it in a way that doesn’t bring down your website or mess with your front end. We will go step by step on how to install wp-cli for the command line and how useful it can be to work on the backend.

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