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What’s In A Theme?

A breakdown of the WordPress Theme, including basic theme structure, what to look for in a theme, and an overview of the vast theme landscape, from free to premium to custom.

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WordPress is saving Journalism

Learn how community newspapers in California are replacing their proprietary publishing systems with WordPress. Learn lots of outside the box uses for WordPress from someone who learned the hard way. We’ll take a deeper dive into topics depending on audience … Continue reading WordPress is saving Journalism

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Customizing WordPress Themes

Customizing WordPress Themes: Fun And Easy Ways to Beautify Your WordPress Themes (Beginner to Intermediate) My presentation will take the WordPress designer from planning out the look of their website in Photoshop through simple tips in implementing CSS and .PHP … Continue reading Customizing WordPress Themes

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WordPress is just the Beginning

So you started a WordPress site and want the whole world to see and be a part of it, great! But why would people care about you or your site? My session would teach people the best way to truly … Continue reading WordPress is just the Beginning

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